Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/newcheat.zip
Size: 2.05 KB
Date: 01/05/96
Author: Chris Howard
Description: My first attempt at a dehacked patch. Here is what it does:

New cheat codes! (Look at the file in DeHacked v3.0) (to find them out or E-Mail me) 200% starting health and 200 starting bullets! BFG gives you 25 cells when you use it! 5000% max health and 2500% max armor! Green Armor gives you 500%, Blue gives you 1000%! Soul Spheres only give you up to 1000% health. Soul Spheres give you 127% health. Mega Spheres give you 2500% health! God Mode gives you all 5000%! Ammo cheats give you 2500% armor! Monsters of the same type now fight each other!
Credits: id - Creators of DOOM and DOOM 2 Greg Lewis - Dehacked v3.0
Base: New DeHackEd patch from scratch
Build time: About 5 minutes.
Editor(s) used: Dehacked v3.0
Bugs: If you have over 999% health or armor, it'll only show the last three digits; i.e. 1012% health will say 012%.
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Helps me out on those tough wads 4/5x

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