Title: New Technology Doom v1.0
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Date: 12/14/94
Author: James V. Kracht
Description: The war between Earth and Hell rages on. In the years since the conflict began, Earth scientists have been busy. Newer and deadlier weapons have been developed to thrash the demonic hoards that still threaten humankind. These new technologies are now being distributed among the fighting forces of Earth.

Two new weapons have been field-tested extensively and are ready for use. They are:

1. The Plasma Launcher.

This weapon launches a highly charged plasma sphere at a high velocity. It replaces the standard rocket launcher. The projectile is not an "area of effect" type like the rockets of old. It is instead a devastating "bullet" of energy that can drop a Baron at twenty paces. Its power is roughly equivalent to the BFG9000, but focussed on a single target. This weapon can also be used in close quarters without detrimental effects.

Initial ammo load: 10 charges. Maximum ammo load: 50 charges (w/o pack).

2. The Baron Gun (or B-Gun).

This weapon, a modified plasma rifle, fires a deadly version of "Baron's Fire" (that hideous green energy that has killed so many fine Marines in the past). It is roughly equivalent in power to the older plasma rifles; it is a bit more powerful, however, so the unfortunate limits on capacity the technological revisions have imposed are not that much of a drawback.

Initial ammo load: 40 charges. Maximum ammo load: 150 charges (w/o pack).

Hell Update:

These advances in technology could not have come at a better time. It has just been learned that the pistol-toting Troopers have been given partial invisibility, perhaps in an effort to get some use out of them. Additionally, during the field tests of the Plasma Launcher, a prototype was lost. CyberDemons are now employing them as their main weapon, which does not bode well for us. The projectiles are far faster than the old-style rockets ever were and are five times as powerful.
Credits: id Software & Greg Lewis (DeHacked).
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Didn't work in Zandronum or Odamex.. Probably nothing special anyway.x

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