Title: New Weapons for DOOM2 V.3b
Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/nwep.zip
Size: 7.14 KB
Date: 03/25/96
Author: Rick Clemmer
Description: Rockets:
This patch will change your normal rockets to the Revenant's Rockets( If your like me you don't like the cheats but love the rocket launcher and it kills you a lot. If so this patch is for you.) The revenant's rockets won't kill you if you get to close.

Always think the plamsa rifle was weak but fast and you LOVE the BFG9000 but it's too slow. Get this patch and get the best of both worlds I made the Plamsa Rifle shoot BFG9000 shots at the speed of the normal Plamsa Rifle.

On level 30 you know the icon shooter. Like it you got.
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