Title: Punch-Out!! Modification WAD
Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/punchout.zip
Size: 45.98 KB
Date: 11/04/04
Author: Joseph "Dr. Lithius" Collins
Description: This is a simple Modification WAD for advanced Doom engines. It turns the Pistol into Fists, and removes all the other weapons in the game. Combine this with WADs made for boxing, such as "NEWBOXE.WAD," and you've got yourself a winning combination.
Credits: ATG_Death & Kilgore, makers of the Universal Rocket Arena WAD/DEH for showing me how to do this.
Base: New from scratch without outside assistance from the people who made the Universal Rocket Arena WAD.
Build time: Around five minutes, plus a half-hour of playtesting. . . .what? It's a mod, not an actual level, folks.
Editor(s) used: Microsoft Notepad, DeHackEd, NewWadTools
Bugs: None that I've seen.
Rating: (1 vote)
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Er.. yeah! DOOM is a first person SHOOTER... removing weapons makes it a first person STANDER! What is the point? 0/5x

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