Title: Quake Weapons in Doom ][
Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/quakew2.zip
Size: 5.56 KB
Date: 02/09/98
Author: "Jjukil"
Description: All right, I'll make it easy on you...Quake has weapons. These weapons are now emulated in Doom ][. Have fun. You may remember this patch's predecessor, Quakewep.zip; that patch is old, admittedly terrible, BUGGY (I can't BELIEVE I didn't catch the obvious bug in that patch!), and outdated as of today. The real improvement is that instead of just slopping some new graphics and weapon principles on the Doom weapons, I actually did some RESEARCH this time. =) I figured out how much each weapon did in terms of DAMAGE and emulated that instead. Therefore, the graphic representations of the weapons sort of suffer--ESPECIALLY the Thunderbolt (It's somehow even WORSE graphically)--but the weapons are much better representations of Quake's actual firepower.
Credits: Tree, who made Dehacked Raven, who made WOT Doom id Software for something just a bit obvious
Base: None
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DeHackEd v3.1
Bugs: The Cyberdemon uses grenades. I could fix this in a heartbeat, but I'm not, because he still wouldn't do as much damage as before thanks to the change to the rocket launcher, I like him this way, and Ogres in Quake use your grenades, so why not Cyberdemons? (I know Ogres' aren't your grenades exactly, don't worry.)

Other than that, there are no bugs--THAT I KNOW OF. Last time there was a major bug--whenever you died, the game locked and you had to reset your computer with the "any" key, not Ctrl-Alt-Del. (This was thanks to instant selection of weapons, so this went out. I also included a working version of Quakew1.) I did not find out about this bug until I started working on this revamp! If you notice a bug, PLEASE tell me it so I can replace it with a fixed version BEFORE I become a laughingstock of the Dooming community! =)
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