Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/realact.zip
Size: 53.99 KB
Date: 11/05/96
Author: Patrick Martin
Description: Included are a variety of Dehacked patches and TINYSHOT.ZIP. The patches included are: the ARSENAL series, which beefs up all the weapons (Arsenals 2-4 change the plasma gun to a different weapon.); BLUD, which causes enemies and players to bleed pools of blood like other, similar patches; CRANKED, which speeds up the monsters or gives them extra abilities; and LIFETAKE, which changes the BFG to a "smart bomb" type weapon that produces health potions.

The various ARSENAL patches cannot combine with each other without causing side effects. All other patches can be combined without any problems. You can combine one ARSENAL patch with one or more non-ARSENAL patches.

TINYSHOT.ZIP contains a wad with rocket and plasma sprites. More information is contained in that file.

Now you're ready for some REAL action :)
Credits: ID for creating Doom, Doom][, and Quake; and for tolerating the creation and use of Dehacked patches. Greg Lewis for Dehacked. Ross Carlson for Rossguns J. Brown for getting me started with Dehacked. All other patch makers. Mom & Dad for a lot of good stuff. and, of course, God!
Base: The ARSENAL patches use ROSSGUNS as a base. I also got some ideas from QUADGUN and MKBLOOD. However, much of the work is done from scratch.
Build time: I don't remember.
Editor(s) used: Dehacked v3.0a
Bugs: None.
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