Title: Ultimate Chaingun Combat (version 2)
Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/shred2.zip
Size: 16.87 KB
Date: 09/11/99
Description: They're all different, unique kinds of chainguns. Here's a brief summary:
Pistol: a regular, semi-slow Chaingun.
Shotgun: the Shock Rifle. You just keep loading ammo into this thing, and each time you pull the trigger, it fires all the ammo you have.
Super Shotgun: the Super Shock Rifle. Has a wider spread than the Shock Rifle.
Chaingun: THE Chaingun. Devistating.
Rocket Launcher: Hollowpoint Bullet Chaingun. Fires slowwer, and the ammo is scarce, but this weapon does very serious damage.
Plasma Gun: Just an adapter for the chaingun that makes the bullets into tracer rounds (so you can see where you're shooting). It's also much more precise.
BFG: The Spreadfire Cannon. Pack 50 bullets into this thing and pull the trigger. Covers the entire screen with gunfire. Kills almost everything you can see... instantly.
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