Title: ULTRA-FAST WEAPONS ( and other miscellanious patches )
Filename: utils/exe_edit/patches/ufastwpn.zip
Size: 4.4 KB
Date: 07/22/94
Author: Steve Hassard
Description: This is an example DEH for DeHackEd 1.3 on how to create ULTRA-FAST weapons. This is done by modifying the frame table and removing some un-needed frames ( the firing & recoil ) by setting the frame time as 0. This has also made all of the corpses hanging around killable and fall to the ground in a pile of guts. Trees also explode after being shot. The barrels have been made with a lower mass and a higher HP for the fun of "pushing" a barrel into a crowd of enemies and destroying it with another shot. Also the enemies have much lowered mass to have fun when the enemy is shot or killed, they literally fly!! Weapons are also increased in strength ( watch out in co-operative play, one missfired shot can kill your friend! ). The weapons have been modified on the ammo editor to have unlimited ammo via the ammo type ( set to 5 ).
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