Filename: utils/frontends/dla11g.zip
Size: 66.29 KB
Date: 02/25/96
Author: David Notario
Description: DLA is a program that makes your life easier when you want to launch a multiplayer game of DOOM, DOOM 2, HERETIC or HEXEN.

DLA is a program that is very similar to DM (written by ID Software). It enables you to easiliy launch serial cable, modem, IPX, and TCP/IP games. The real new thing with this program is the TCP /IP launching. This feature is available because of a smart program named TCPSETUP (included in the ZIP file). This program was written by Jake Page, and enables you to play DOOM (and clones) across INTERNET or any other TCP/IP network. DLA is ideal for local networks. Other interesting feature is the WAD-LIST. This option enables you to play with external PWADs. This option was already included with DM, but with the diference that in DM all files in the list were launched. With DLA you get a menu where you toggle the files you want to be included. Each time you launch the game the configuration will be saved, so next time you want to play, you just press F2 to start!.
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