Title: DOOM/MASTER 3.0
Filename: utils/frontends/dm30.zip
Size: 185.48 KB
Date: 07/15/94
Author: Simply Silly Software
Description: Doom/Master (DM) is the most complete shell for loading and configuring DOOM from id Software. DM has been designed and coded by an avid DOOM player, with input coming from many other DOOM players as to functionality and features.

DM 3.0 is the newest in the line, and I think you will agree, is by far the best ever. When I started to upgrade DM 2.1, I decided to start over from scratch. Many of the bugs inside 2.1 were the product of trying to patch together code that was never designed to be used by anyone other than the 3 people it was originally written for. The result is a lean, mean, frag'n machine.

DM 3.0 is really made up of 3 separate programs that work together. The first is DOOM/MASTER itself (DM.EXE). This is the main shell and where you will be spending most of your time. Second is DMSERDRV. Originally a quick fix that would allow DOOM to play via modem at speeds of 14.4 and above, it has grown in to an integral part of DOOM/MASTER. Finally, there is DMSERCFG, a program that helps take the bite out of moDOOMing. An easy to use, modem quick configuration program that will not only setup DMSERDRV, but SERSETUP from id software. It takes what can be quite a trying process and makes it easy as pie.

So, sit back and get ready for the ride of your life...
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