Title: DoomRun v2.1 Shareware
Filename: utils/frontends/dmrun2_1.zip
Size: 3.25 KB
Date: 08/11/94
Author: Panther Productions
Description: DoomRun is a utility for Doom v1.6+ that will automatically add all the necessary command line parameters to Doom after you answer a few questions. DoomRun Supports External Wad Files, Warping, Respawn, Nomonsters, Deathmatch Mode On or Off, Modem Compatibility And Much More! This version is available to anyone but the modem compatibility is a secret YOU must descover! Only the registered version will have modem AND network support, without the secret modem code. Due To expanding interest and growing compatibility, the registration fee is $10, to cover the disk and shipping + handling.
Credits: I would like to thank Mega Man for helping me with the QB v4.5 programming terms. Also I would like to thank Joey Ruskin, my first Registered User! I would like to thank the makers of QB 4.5 (I know there's a 7.1) for making a great programming utility. And I would like to thank all the members of Black Panther BBS that downloaded this program and test it out for me. Finally, I would like to thank ID Software for the BEST game EVER! Without them, this would not be possible.
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