Title: Runner
Filename: utils/frontends/dmrunner.zip
Size: 108.34 KB
Date: 09/18/95
Author: Paul Pollack
Description: Runner is a customizable program that allows users to execute your PWAD without having to type in arcane commands from the command line. It was developed by Paul Pollack of DragonHawk Productions, and may be freely distributed with your PWAD provided that some acknowledgement is given, and that it is NOT distributed with PWAD's that work with the shareware version of DOOM. This is according to id's wishes, since otherwise I might somehow be discouraging others from registering.

This version of Runner has been created specifically to work with Doom or Doom II, both by id software. A version that supports Heretic and its PWADs is also available; both are included in Doom Level Design for Laymen version 1.5 or above.
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