Title: DoomShell v4.3
Filename: utils/frontends/dmshel43.zip
Size: 145.09 KB
Date: 09/04/95
Author: Ruud van Gaal
E-mail: jwkorver@xs4all.nl
Description: The DoomShell that will knock off any competitors from the shell-market! Be it addict or beginner, this shell will help you to easily use all the nice features that Doom offers.
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This shell would have been great back then. An interesting download for DOSbox addicts like me, unzip this to your Doom or Doom 2 directory and run DOOMSHELL. It doesnt really have a purpose nowadays unless you want to have a lan game with someone else using the old executables, then it's a freakin' godsend by the looks of things.x

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