Title: Doom Batch file creator/Doom launcher v1.3
Filename: utils/frontends/doombat5.zip
Size: 2.2 MB
Date: 07/08/13
Author: Mark David Bowman
Description: Please note: this archive has been updated to include a version of Doombat that features a sort of console, password protection, and the ability to jump to sections of the program from the command line. Unfortunately, it's not very polished, and some of the commands will send you back to the start of the program (don't worry, you can still jump back to the section you were at, and the values you entered will be untouched). Though you can go anywhere in the program at just about any time, you still have to select whether you want to make a doom batch file or launch doom when you are ready to do those things, or the program won't work (you'll only see the neat previewing feature before the program exits :) Please keep in mind that there may be some other minor bugs in this program. This modified Doombat is for Doom and Doom2 only, but the regular Doombat and Doomhere programs are still included and unchanged.
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Bugs: If you type in more than 90 characters during any option, it's possible that your computer will lock up. If this happens, just reboot your computer.
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set m_skin=c:(backslash) doombat(backslash)no an x
the set mskin line in p_ini should read set m_skin=c:doombatno an That aside, this is an interesting curiosity x

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