Title: Doom Network Menu System
Filename: utils/frontends/doomen18.zip
Size: 76.31 KB
Date: 03/12/95
Author: Jason Sandlin
Description: DooMenu will allow IPX network, modem, and null-modem play, or stand alone play quickly and easily thru a menu which is far better than the one packaged with Doom and Doom ][ and Heretic. DooMenu allows you to choose coorperative, or deathmatch with respawn or no monsters on or off, it can load a save game, or use an external WAD file. It will ask you for the skill, episode, episode map, number to dial, and weather to disable call waiting. It can store up to 9 different default friends for speed dialing. DooMenu now supports DEH files to be used with DeHacked. DooMenu supports -altdeath, -timer, -nomonsters, -fast, a wad rating system, -turbo, and much more. The Doom setup does not support most of these commands. DooMenu will also search thru WAD files for the correct map/episode for easy play! It will even load multi-pwads!
Credits: I would like to thank everyone on internet for helping me with ideas on how to improve DOOMENU, and of course for those that registered with DooMenu with me. I am amazed at internet's ability for mass information, and how that it is only getting bigger. I'd also like to thank ID, alt.games.doom, and the sysop of ftp.orst.edu/infant2.sphs.indiana.edu for obvious reasons. I'd like to thank Greg Lewis for writing DeHackEd and making another util that makes doom once again interesting. I'd also like to thank Rob Verenna for making/hacking that pretty little PCX file displayed when you reconfigure.
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