Title: EasyWAD v1.21
Filename: utils/frontends/easyw121.zip
Size: 80.81 KB
Date: 09/19/95
Author: M. van der Heide of ThunderWare Research Center
Description: This program was made for all those DOOMers with loadsa WAD files. It produces a nice WAD selection interface, which should put an end to losing track of all these files. (At least I get more frustrated from finding that particular WAD file and typing all that things on the command line than from playing DOOM itself!). An important feature is that it doesn't take any of your precious memory away.
Credits: - The makers of DOOM (Id Software). They changed my life completely.
- The makers of DMSPEC12.TXT (Matt Fell & Hank Leukart). This is where I found the info on the structure of a WAD file;
- The makers of DEU (Doom Editor Utility, by Brendon Wyber & Raphael Quinet) for their commented source. I use a few of their namings in my source.
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