Title: Wadfile Runner and Developer V2
Filename: utils/frontends/hwad.zip
Size: 5.75 KB
Date: 03/02/96
Author: Nightmare
Description: This program was designed to make it easy and quick to use HEXEN to its full potential in terms of external wadfiles.

Its many feature is that it acts like a librarian which looks after your wad files. It allows you to catagorise your wadfile collection letting you choose the exact type of level you wish to use each time you play DOOM. All you have to do is to place the wadfile in the WADS directory and run HWAD.BAT as if you were going to play the level but you will be asked if you want to catagoris it and then you will be given a list of catagories, select one and your wad is safely filed away.
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