Title: KING DOOM Frontend 1.06
Filename: utils/frontends/kdf106.zip
Size: 267.31 KB
Date: 05/29/00
E-mail: king.elvis@gmx.net
Description: - loads automatically deh or bex files included with the WAD by name or any.
- shows WAD Info file (txt)
- loads "wadname.warp" files (a simple txt file, which includes the warp position)
- handels two different WADs (i.e. resource.wad and levels.wad)
- creates a different savegame folder for every WAD automatically, so you never have to worry about your savegames. Note: This feature works only with xxBoom !
- supports ervery IWAD
- contains multiplayer support
- integrated MP3 player if you think the original MIDI sucks.
- supports different ports
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