Title: PrBoom Frontend 2.2 Friday the 13th Edition
Filename: utils/frontends/prboomfe.zip
Size: 1.87 MB
Date: 04/18/01
Author: King Elvis
Description: A frontend for my favorite Doom port.

Main features:

- All you Doom files (file lists) managed in databases (WAD / DEH / BEX / LMP / TXT) - You can chose default database for an IWAD - Creates savegame folders for every WAD list - You can select to load your saved games by clear text - Level warp by level title - Pr/glBoom Config file management (as much as you want) - Plug Ins (Programs to start before/after Doom, additional DEH / BEX / WAD Patches) - Cheat editor to override standard settings - Server adressbook for multiplay - Database import / export - Database reorganization and integrity test - I'm too lazy now...figure it out by yourself ;-)
Credits: The PrBoom team for their great work !
Base: From scratch.
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: The included Dr.WADson has some problems...sometimes. Frontend sucks maybe on corrupted files or databases
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