Filename: utils/frontends/random.zip
Size: 745.36 KB
Date: 09/28/98
Author: Rethcir
Description: This is essentially Dosdoom .61, with Slige and BSP built right in. It allows you to play endless randomly-generated Doom2 levels. It will continually increase the levels' size(Slige -room factor 5 * level #) until you reach level 9, where you will be given a congratulatory message and can start over.
Credits: Thanks to all those involved with the creation of the above listed utilities that are now a part of Random Doom, and to the doomers on efnet #doom2 for their semi-constant support and good ideas. Also, to id software for #doom, the Beatles for the White Album which I listened to while doing this, and the cast and crew of several good TV shows I don't have time to list.
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