Title: Super Front End for Doom2 v4.3 Beta
Filename: utils/frontends/sfe.zip
Size: 19.43 KB
Date: 04/05/97
Author: Steve Noonan
Description: Ok, so got all the other front ends out there and most can do what they do pretty well. This progam will do that just as well and most likey easier. But the biggest improvement over the others is that you play more than one level at a time. What I mean is that you can pick three or four, or 32 levels at a time and play them all. It doesn't matter if they are all map01 wads, this program will change the wad so you can play them in the order you picked them in. Instead of picking one level, playing it, quit, pick another ect. ect. With this you just pick all the levels at once and play them all at once!
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