Title: WAD VERSION 1.0
Filename: utils/frontends/wad_10.zip
Size: 61.62 KB
Date: 02/27/95
Author: Greg Engle
Description: Here it is the ultimate Doom ][ shell for deathmatch games! and at this time the only one!! That I now of!! Well, one day I was sitting down with waded the most powerful Doom ][ level editior, and was makeing a map for Doom ][ and I finished it when I asked one of my many friends to help me try it out over deathmatch (modem of course) and well let's just say that this person is not as literite to computer as I am. And that is how I thought to make this program. I thought that many people can use a program that can do deathmatch games and load extra pwads into Doom ][ AND AT A SMALL PRICE!!!
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