Title: The Ultimate WAD.BAT
Filename: utils/frontends/wadbat.zip
Size: 5.95 KB
Date: 11/16/06
Author: Simon Howard
Description: This is a batch file I wrote years ago to start Doom. Instead of tediously having to type "doom2 -file foo.wad -warp 1" when testing a file, you can just type "wad foo". The batch file is quite clever, though. You can specify a bunch of WADs on the command line, each with or without the '.wad' extension. You can also specify extra command-line parameters. "stuffbuf" is included, so that you don't need to press enter at the "you are playing a modified version of Doom" screen.

The original documentation is included below.

I wrote this years ago, before the Doom source was even released. Suffice to say I don't use DOS any more :-)
Credits: Author of Edmap, for stuffbuf.
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Awesome :Dx

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