Title: ColorMapper V1.0
Filename: utils/graphics_edit/cmappov2.zip
Size: 42.6 KB
Date: 07/13/94
Author: SoftTronics, Lutz + Kretzschmar
Description: This software is a handy tool for interactively creating color maps or spreads (most useful for raytracers).
Credits: Thanks to Jordan Hargrave [72510,1143] for writing the BGI SVGA Driver and thus making it really simple to use the SVGA cards in the 256-color modes.

The RGB to HLS and vice versa conversion code is from "Fundamentals of three-dimensional computer graphics" by Alan Watt.

The layout of this program as well as the functionality was inspired by a small section of a professional RayTracer for Silicon Graphics hardware by the name of SoftImage, which I saw at an exhibition a few weeks ago (now if I had that horsepower and that software ..... sigh!)
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