Title: WinTex 4.3
Filename: utils/graphics_edit/deutex/wintex43.zip
Size: 280.45 KB
Date: 05/29/96
Author: Olivier Montanuy
Description: WinTex lets you customise your DOOM, HERETIC or HEXEN levels beyond what is possible with level editors. It let you replace sounds, musics, and monster sprites, and let you create new wall textures, floors and ceilings. And it will collaborate with your level editor.

WinTex also lets you browse the .GRP files from DUKE NUKEM 3D.

Note: WinTex 4.3 has very limited support for Quake. Visual Basic is close to exhaustion when dealing with Quake...
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Too bad it doesn't work with Windows 7. It worked with Windows XP. It was a great tool. x
Legendary program. Offers a few things that XWE doesn't, by the same token it's a lot harder to use. Just get XWE or SlumpEd.x
The greatest application of all time. Allows browsing and editing of the actual wad file, in summation allowing you access to ALL sprites/sounds/textu res/data of Doom Games. 10 stars, and the programmer of this should have been made a billionaire. ~BeyondNecroDome x
Not perfect, and bugged... But it's so useful!!!! Version 4.5 available - Jivex
I've been looking 4 this 4 some time ..I use to use it,but lost it due to a bad disk. It a supper program Linksx

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