Title: WinTex 5.0
Filename: utils/graphics_edit/deutex/wintex50.zip
Size: 263.13 KB
Date: 04/09/03
Author: Javier Almenara
Description: Compatible with DOOM, DOOM2, Ultimate DOOM, HERETIC, HEXEN. Can also browse GRP files from Duke Nukem 3D. Very limited support for Quake.

Upgrade to version. Now this is v5.0, Final Official Version. This is a Deluxe Version of WinTex with some very interesting features.
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As much as I love Wintex, i think 4.3 is better. The Graphic entry list is much longer on 4.3 than on this version. Also, this version still suffers from the limitations of the original - Not being able to replace graphics larger than 320x255 or make textures taller than 128 in height.x
How about a win32 recompilation + support for long filenames? Otherwise, still one of the best lump editors out there, superior even to XWE in some respects. 5/5 -Maesx
"Put the vbrun300dll in ur wintex directory -compwhiz128" - you can find it via google. It's easy. Just type "downlad vbrun300.dll" and search for one -Nx
kicks arsex
Put the vbrun300dll in ur wintex directory -compwhiz128x
Excellent program! U can do just whatever u want with it... u can also manage pak files! Well done. x
Wintex returns!x

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