Title: DM ADD Something
Filename: utils/graphics_edit/dmadds11.zip
Size: 94.26 KB
Date: 11/21/94
Author: Bernd Kreimeier
Description: DMADDS is a tool to allow for sprite and flats graphic replacement and replacement distribution by means of PWAD files, without changing the IWAD file.

The README.EXE of DOOM 1.666 states that "Sprite graphics can now be used in PWADs". This statement is incorrect (which is confirmend by "id"). Sprite replacement as well as replacement of flats (i.e. floors and ceilings) is only possible if *all* sprites and/or flats are included in one WAD file, wether IWAD or PWAD.

DMADDS 1.1 should work with any version of the registered IWAD file, but there is no way to be sure, as it is impossible to keep track of all those "official" patches. This includes DOOM ][ as well.
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