Title: PIC will generate a 'Bad V_DrawPatch' error if the insertion point isn't 0,0; STFGOD0 must be no lar
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Date: 07/09/95
Description: DMGRAPH will store graphics into or extract graphics from DOOM WAD and PWAD files, in GIF or PPM formats. Graphic format type is controlled by the filename suffix, or by using the '-T' option on the command line.

Patch WAD files (PWAD) can be edited the same as WAD files by using the '-f pwad' option on the command line; the PWAD will be created as needed. There are, however, some limitations. Four types of graphics are found in a WAD:

type 0: miscellaneous type 1: sprite type 2: wall texture type 3: floor texture

Only graphic types 0 and 2 can be put into a PWAD. Sprites and floor textures, if put into a PWAD, will either be ignored by DOOM, or cause it to abort.

To remove a graphic from the PWAD, use the '-r' option. For the PWAD to work correctly, the filename must end with .WAD.

Input graphics should have a resolution of 320x200 or less. To indicate transparent areas in the graphic, draw with Cyan (red:0, green:255, blue:255).

Placement of the graphic can be adjusted with the '-i' option. When a graphic is extracted, it's current insertion point is stored in the GIF or PPM file. Negative insertion points, used on some graphics, indicate an absolute coordinate from the top-left of the screen.

Some graphics are sensitive to size or placement. For example, TITLEPIC will generate a 'Bad V_DrawPatch' error if the insertion point isn't 0,0; STFGOD0 must be no larger than 31x31; etc.

Please be sure to have a backup copy of the original DOOM WAD data.

Some examples:

Extract SKY1 graphic in GIF format:

DMGRPAH SKY1 -e sky1.gif

Store SKY1 graphic in a PWAD:

DMGRAPH SKY1 -f graph.wad -s sky1.gif
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