Title: NWT 1.3 source code
Filename: utils/graphics_edit/nwt13src.zip
Size: 159.51 KB
Date: 08/13/08
Author: Denis Moeller
Description: This is the source code to NWT 1.3. It was on the TiC website but that website does not appear to be accessible. The filename was originally "nwt13code.zip"; I (fraggle) have renamed the filename to nwt13src.zip to fit the 8.3 character limit of the idgames repository, and have repacked the file with the filenames in lowercase.
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A nice little piece of history by one of "The Innocent Crew" and one of those who spearheaded the creation of the Memento Mori's. Need I say more? Eisenfaust86 was here...x
Yay, now I can fix all those bugs that caused NWT to crash and/or turn WADs into garbage.x
Thanks for uploading this. Historic and important stuff here.x
Whoa! Nice one Denis! I still use NWT to this day... Excellent little program, and now I can play with the code... :) 5/5x

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