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A simple DOOM Editor within AutoCAD to export geometries to a WAD. WADOUT writes a WAD directly without NODES...Date:06/01/95
Size:179.97 KB
Author:Reini Urban

ADE II for Doom II
100% legal and official version of DEU for Doom II - features total Doom II support (new linedefs, textures, flats, sectors etc.), Doom I-to-Doom II PWAD conversion (converts textures too!), and neat new enhancements to DEU 5.21, such as textual leve...Date:02/05/95
Size:376.02 KB
Author:Adrian Cable

DCK 3.62
DCK can edit all five id/Raven games: - Doom: Knee Deep in the Dead - Doom 2: Hell on earth - Heretic - The Ultimate Doom - Hexen: Beyond Heretic DCK will never support Strife....Date:03/13/97
Size:583.51 KB
Author:Ben Morris

DCK Light(er) V1.0000001
If you have a dark monitor and can't really see much of DCK's texture display (because it's too dark, natch), but you don't want to twiddle your monitor settings for one program, then you can replace DCK's DCK.PAL file with this one. (Better make a b...Date:04/12/00
Size:1.99 KB
Author:Len Pitre, with a nod to Ben Morris

Source Code for DoomEd 4.2
DoomEd was written using Microsoft Visual C++ version 1.5, a 16-bit Windows compiler, and it would be a major task to convert it to a different compiler. Converting it to 32-bit would definitely be a nightmare. MSVC 1.5 is very inexpensive, and is...Date:09/08/97
Size:428.08 KB
Author:Geoff Allan

DeeP v8.84
DeeP is a radical improvement over multiple step "insert" editors. If you like drawing in "blocks", you can do that too! There is no comparison! DeeP has Power, Speed and Ease of use. A long list of fe...Date:11/04/97
Size:1.13 MB
Author:Sensor Based Systems, Inc.

DeePsea 11.2
The ONLY editor in the world with full native multiple DOOM port support. DeePsea takes PWAD editing to whole new level:) A full complement of WAD manipulation tools, completely replacing older tools such as Wintex/NWT/ DMAUD/etc. No ...Date:08/27/01
Size:2.36 MB

DoomEdit/PM - OS/2 PM DOOM MAP Editor
Multi-threaded OS/2 PM Doom Map Editor, 32-bit C, supports DOOM and DOOM2, configurable drag-and-drop PM interface, tunable background threaded node builder (builds id maps 100%), complete thing/linedef/sidedef/sector checking, PWAD merging, conv...Date:01/17/95
Size:319.77 KB
Author:Gerald Callow

DETH v3.92
DETH (DOOM Editor for Total Headcases) is a GCC rewrite of DEU 5.21. for use with DOOM I, DOOM II, DOOM SE (Ultimate DOOM) and HERETIC. It was written by PWAD authors FOR PWAD authors, so it is with the needs of such in mind that DETH has been con...Date:04/26/96
Size:792.95 KB
Author:Antony J. Burden, Simon Oke, John W. Anderson (aka Dr Sleep)

DETH v4.24 Binaries
This is the latest (and last) version of DETH, the DEU-based editor for Doom, Doom II, Heretic and Strife. Unlike older versions of DETH, this one has no problem running under Win9x, and/or on FAT32 partitions....Date:07/31/01
Size:350.83 KB
Author:Simon Oke and Antony Burden

DETH v4.24 Source Code
This is the latest (and last) version of DETH, the DEU-based editor for Doom, Doom II, Heretic and Strife. Unlike older versions of DETH, this one has no problem running under Win9x, and/or on FAT32 partitions....Date:07/31/01
Size:173.99 KB
Author:Simon Oke and Antony Burden

DEUII v6.66
A more complete DEU for Doom 2 Allows use of all Textures, Linedef Types, & Things. Much more complete than Adler's DEU2. Many features to come! Allows you to run your wads without exiting deu....Date:02/05/95
Size:187.37 KB
Author:ADMiRAL & SONiC

DMapEdit v4.3
Still looking for a really good Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Hexen , and ZDoom editor? Need an editor with more power than what you're using now? Or need an editor that's easier to use and does the grunt work for you? Want an editor to show yo...Date:01/05/01
Size:963.89 KB
Author:Bruce A. Benko

DOOMCAD 6.1 (beta)
Doom, Doom2, and Heretic level editor. All new interface and Integrity Checker. 3D preview, Prefab Construction, etc. ...Date:07/24/95
Size:680.04 KB
Author:matt tagliaferri

DMDKCONV V1.00 (960805) Doom -> Duke3D Level Converter
DMDKCONV V1.00 (960805) is a for converting Doom I/II Levels to Duke Nukem 3D Levels. It does a much better job than WAD2MAP....Date:04/13/07
Size:58.26 KB
Author:Olaf Wendlandt

Doom Editor - The Real Thing v2.60b4 (BETA VERSION 4)
This is an old shareware doom editor by Geoff Allan, that has been used by many people in the golden old aera ten years ago. It is uploaded here to /idgames for historical reasons. David Bruni wrote a tutorial for it, that is stored in the subfolder ...Date:06/16/05
Size:373.21 KB
Author:Geoff Allan (author of the editor) David Bruni (author of the tutorial)

DoomEd 4.2
Very solid editor, works with Doom 1 or Doom 2. Allows you to view Heretic maps, but the Heretic lists aren't in here yet. Look for it soon....Date:01/30/95
Size:196.33 KB
Author:Geoff Allan

ED-209 v1.1
ED-209 is a new Doom and Doom ][ level editor for DOS. (Ed seems to run fine under Windows 95, but no extensive testing has been done.)...Date:04/06/96
Size:668.83 KB
Author:Nick McLeod

EdMap version 1.31
This software package enables users to create or modify maps used in original DOOM and DOOM II:Hell on Earth, by id Software, and HERETIC, by Raven Software for id Software....Date:07/30/95
Size:407.29 KB
Author:Jeff Rabenhorst

EdMap version 1.40
This software package enables users to create or modify maps used in original DOOM and DOOM II:Hell on Earth, by id Software, and HERETIC, by Raven Software for id Software....Date:06/20/95
Size:442.63 KB
Author:Jeff Rabenhorst

FragMaker 0.01
This is a prerelease version of FragMaker, it still doesn't not have any editing features. FragMaker is a currently in progress DOOM level editor that is going to have alot of new feature and abilities....Date:07/14/98
Size:545.96 KB
Author:Resolution Master Depth, piXel Mage Rex

heu - heretic editor utilities
a simple deu 5.21 port to heretic, using the specs provided by id. you must have the registered version of heretic to be able to save changes. please read the original deu docs for more info on how to use this editor. this is _not_ an official rel...Date:02/05/95
Size:171.01 KB

HEU - Heretic Editor Utility V-1.0b
HERETIC Editor Utility - The ONLY Heretic Editor that supports all the new objects\linedefs\and special sectors. Based on code from DEU 5.21 - Twisted and Modified by Josh Martel (Null) and Tom Mustaine (Clock Paradox) of MMI and The other group in 1...Date:04/27/05
Size:272.08 KB
Author:Josh Martel (Null) and Tom Mustaine (Clock Paradox)

HFDE/h : Hack of A Famous Doom Editor - HERETIC edition
HFDE/h is a full featured PWAD editor for id Software's HERETIC based on DEU 5.1-5.2 by Ralphael Quinet and Brendon J. Wyber. Basicly I took DEU 5.2, and hacked it; giving it a brand new interface, some new features, and of course sup...Date:02/05/95
Size:186.8 KB
Author:Joe Wilcox

Heretic extras for DoomEd
This is a replacement for the file things.def for DoomEd version 3,0 alpha 8, and probably DoomEd version 2,60 beta 4 too, but I don't use that so I don't really know. Why would you want a replacement of things.def? Because this replacement le...Date:02/05/95
Size:1.97 KB
Author:Mikael Wiberg

This is the latest build of IDE, the freeware DOOM/DOOM2/HERETIC editor from -VS- productions and Simply Silly Software....Date:08/22/95
Size:203.15 KB
Author:-VS- productions and Simply Silly Software

M.D.E. - "My DOOM Editor"
DOS Based DOOM Editor. Not just the usual object placement/changing, but modify light levels, floor/ceiling heights and set up special areas - acid damage, blinking lights,etc..)!! Even set up crushing ceilings, moving platforms, and teleport...Date:05/12/94
Size:109.9 KB
Author:Patrick J. Steele

DoomED Deluxe Users Guide, First Edition
Explains how to use the Windows Doom Editor called, DoomED Deluxe....Date:03/05/95
Size:550.83 KB
Author:Renegade Graphics, Inc.

DoomED Deluxe v. 2.20
Welcome to the EASIEST to use editor for Doom and Doom II. This editor has been created with ease of use and simplicity of action in mind. You don't have to deal with arcane commands and numbers or difficult to use tools....Date:12/18/94
Size:566.45 KB
Author:Renegade Graphics

Registered Heretic Editing Utilities version 1.2
This is a DEU like editor that can be used to make Heretic levels and to convert Doom levels....Date:10/22/95
Size:125.44 KB

An OS/2 based WAD editor (BETA) ULTED v1.00b is the beta release and so MUST BE USED WITH SOME CAUTION; use a backup copy of the main doom.wad file, save your level often and use several different names when saving....Date:07/20/94
Size:97.06 KB
Author:Peter Ott
This patch updates the WadAuthor v1.30 executable to fix a crash during node building. To apply it, unzip the patch files into your WadAuthor directory and run the patch.exe program....Date:08/06/96
Size:100.32 KB
Author:Williston Consulting

WAD Studio version 1.5b
"the king of Windows map editors"...Date:11/29/95
Size:410.59 KB

Wads_Up - A Doom Level Editor
Why Wads_Up? Simple to use. You shouldn't need to know all the intricacies of the WAD file to use it. Very quick at building up the basic structure of your level. You want to build a 12 walled room? Just type in 12, clic...Date:05/12/94
Size:41.33 KB
Author:G. Whitehead
Size:267.85 KB

WadAuthor v1.30
Version 1.30 is a minor release. As such, it fixes bugs and adds new features without major changes to the existing interface....Date:05/18/01
Size:1002.59 KB
Author:Williston Consulting

WAD Master v1.01b
WAD Master is a utility that I wrote to help in the managment of DOOM 2 PWAD (patch) files. It allows you to add and delete directory entries, import or export directory entries, and much, much more!...Date:03/09/95
Size:385.15 KB
Author:[ice] and MK

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