Title: DCK Light(er) V1.0000001
Filename: utils/level_edit/dcklight.zip
Size: 1.99 KB
Date: 04/12/00
Author: Len Pitre, with a nod to Ben Morris
Description: If you have a dark monitor and can't really see much of DCK's texture display (because it's too dark, natch), but you don't want to twiddle your monitor settings for one program, then you can replace DCK's DCK.PAL file with this one. (Better make a backup first, in case you don't like this one.) Oh, and if you're running V2.x of DCK, you'll need to rename this file to DEFAULT.PAL - no biggie.
Credits: QBasic, for making the booster util (with my help:)
Base: Doom's palette.
Build time: 'bout half an hour.
Editor(s) used: QBasic, FM (Hex editor to kill cyan color).
Bugs: Stuff might look a bit washed out. But at least you can see it now! If you want a Hexen or Heretic version, mail me and I'll see about doing it.
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Its absolute crapx

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