Title: Source Code for DoomEd 4.2
Filename: utils/level_edit/de42src.zip
Size: 428.08 KB
Date: 09/08/97
Author: Geoff Allan
Description: DoomEd was written using Microsoft Visual C++ version 1.5, a 16-bit Windows compiler, and it would be a major task to convert it to a different compiler. Converting it to 32-bit would definitely be a nightmare. MSVC 1.5 is very inexpensive, and is actually included in some C++ tutorial books which are right now in book stores everywhere. Neither Geoff Allan nor Color International Productions will provide support or information regarding this source code, so don't even ask. The less we hear of this, the happier we will be. To the best of our knowledge, ALL available source code and resources are included in this file. In the event that anything is missing, it is gone forever so don't ask for it (the old hard drive was reformatted and sold).
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