Title: Doom Editor - The Real Thing v2.60b4 (BETA VERSION 4)
Filename: utils/level_edit/dmreal.zip
Size: 373.21 KB
Date: 06/16/05
Author: Geoff Allan (author of the editor) David Bruni (author of the tutorial)
Description: This is an old shareware doom editor by Geoff Allan, that has been used by many people in the golden old aera ten years ago. It is uploaded here to /idgames for historical reasons. David Bruni wrote a tutorial for it, that is stored in the subfolder /TUTORIAL (older version) and /DMRETU (newer version). Geoff Allan released later DOOMED v. 4.2 for DooM and DooM II. Get the file and it's textfiles in the /idgames -archives here: utils/level_edit/doomed42.zip utils/level_edit/doomed42.dox utils/level_edit/doomed42.txt (See list of mirrors at the end of this template)
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