Title: EdMap version 1.40
Filename: utils/level_edit/edmap140.zip
Size: 442.63 KB
Date: 06/20/95
Author: Jeff Rabenhorst
Description: This software package enables users to create or modify maps used in original DOOM and DOOM II:Hell on Earth, by id Software, and HERETIC, by Raven Software for id Software.
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This editor taught me a ton. I went on to create levels for Decent and Quake2 thanks to this editor.x
EdMap was always my favorite level editor. It has several clever tricks that even modern editors still don't support (eg. pop-up pie chart menu to quickly switch modes, templating system to build rooms quickly with particular texture patterns). It also includes an expert mode and hyperlinked copy of the Doom Specs which will appeal to technical users. Unfortunately it's plagued by some rather nasty bugs and limited to Vanilla only, and a lack of a source release meant none of this could ever be fixed.x
Edmap was my first editor ever. I remember it being very easy to use (compared to the other editors I could get my hands on back then), but its use of the conventional memory required a young inspiring mapper to keep a dedicated Dos computer alongside a Windows PC. Today Edmap is certainly overshadowed by the more modern editors, but back then it was great.x

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