Title: Hexen BEHAVIOR De-compiler v0.50
Filename: utils/level_edit/hexen_scripting/behave51.zip
Size: 122.68 KB
Date: 11/13/95
Description: Ever wondered how all of those special effects work in Hexen? This program allows you to look at any of the BEHAVIORS in a Hexen .WAD file to see how it all works.

This version simply dumps the contents of the BEHAVIOR structure in a format that is fairly close to the original ACS script source code. With some manual editing, it can be recompiled and put into your .WAD file.
Credits: Thanks to the guys at id Software & Raven Software for creating Hexen.
Ben Morris for publishing the Official Hexen Technical Specs
Ben Gokey of Raven Software for releasing information about the script language and the script compiler.
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