Title: DESCRIPT: HEXEN Script Decompiler
Filename: utils/level_edit/hexen_scripting/descrp14.zip
Size: 28.93 KB
Date: 03/13/96
Author: R.A.Coward
Description: DESCRIPT is a fully fledged and user-friendly HEXEN script decompiler, that generates highly readable source code from any compiled script. This may take the form of a self contained object file, or the BEHAVIOR resource in a main or patch WAD file.

Being able to decompile the existing scripts inside HEXEN is a real boon for anyone wishing to design their own levels for the game, as it allows them to learn the ACS language and experiment freely, without having to do a lot of work up front. Since the source files that DESCRIPT produces can be readily recompiled, it's very easy to try out modifications to the existing levels, and find out what works, and what doesn't.
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