Title: Heretic extras for DoomEd
Filename: utils/level_edit/hrtcedex.zip
Size: 1.97 KB
Date: 02/05/95
Author: Mikael Wiberg
Description: This is a replacement for the file things.def for DoomEd version 3,0 alpha 8, and probably DoomEd version 2,60 beta 4 too, but I don't use that so I don't really know.

Why would you want a replacement of things.def? Because this replacement lets you use the sprites from Heretic with DoomEd, presuming you have bought and paid for it that is (it works with the beta and shareware versions as well). To use it just copy it into your DoomEd directory and be sure to change DOOM.WAD to HERETIC(1).WAD so that you can use all the new textures for Heretic.

There are probably a lot of things which I have missed, so be sure to mail me if you find out what any of the other numbers are. Since I have found no bodys or pools of blood there really have to be more things!
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