Title: bsp23bug.wad
Filename: utils/level_edit/node_builders/bsp23bug.zip
Size: 29.02 KB
Date: 06/18/99
Author: André Majorel
Description: This (bsp23bug.wad) is a pwad that exercises what I think to be two spectacular bugs in BSP 2.3. Recipe :

1) At the start, look at the red wall in front of you.

2) Outside, near the candle, you can see a red wall that shouldn't be there, since there is no linedef at that spot. It's still solid enough to hide the dead marine behind it. Also, for a psychedelic trip, take a walk along the long red wall nearby.

I've tested the wad with XDoom, LxDoom and the original Doom. I think the bugs are in BSP 2.3, not in the wad or in Doom because, when using Warm to build the nodes, they don't show.
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