Title: BSP version 3.0 dos extended
Filename: utils/level_edit/node_builders/bsp30.zip
Size: 148 KB
Date: 12/13/98
Author: Colin Reed, Lee Killough
Description: Changes in 3.0x:

Lee Killough 9/98:

Fixed many cases of slime lines by going back to using slightly slower BSP21x splitting algorithm.

Removed approximate visplane overflow detection code, as being too inaccurate to be useful. If visplane overflows need to be detected, then modifying the Doom source code to display them exactly in real-time would be a better idea. The visplane counting code in BSP22x and BSP23x was never 100% accurate, but was about as close as I could make it based solely on empirical evidence.

NOTE: this change does not remove the -vp option, which attempts to reduce the chances of visplane overflows by using a special node line heuristic, and which is the more useful of the visplane-related options. This change only removes the -vpwarn and -vpmark options, which attempted to detect where visplane overflows occurred, but which were too crude. Exact detection of visplane overflows is unnecessary to remove them, because techniques are available which reduce the probability of visplane overflows without having to know whether they actually occur.
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Bugs: A known problem is a conflict between the GO32 dos extender and QEMM's DPMI... put 'set GO32=nodpmi' in your autoexec.bat to avoid problems.
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