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Tutorial: 3D Floor & Planes
I did this tutorial as an easier version of my 9-Level Spiral map. Like the Music Change, this is just a basic version of one of the many parts of the Doom in Hexen Format. Same as the other 2 - Doom in Hexen Format...Date:02/04/17
Size:4.66 KB

Tutorial: 9-Level Spiral (3D Stairs)
I just made this as a little tutorial for not only myself, but for others that do not know how to do 3D stairs. NOTE: To keep the file size down, I have made all the lines/sectors that are the steps and floors in the upper/back right corner of the ...Date:02/02/17
Size:32.28 KB

computer terminal tutorial
This is not presented as a playable level but for demonstrating doom editing techniques. Specifically, how to setup a computer terminal based on Doomguy0505's original tutorial on ZDoom wiki ( and how it compar...Date:07/02/16
Size:7.34 KB
Author:Paul Hildebrandt

Ladder Tutorial
Shows how to make a vanilla ladder that looks good. This can be expanded upon to create even more 3D looking ladders, but I used a simple design. More explanation below. CREDITS Myself...Date:02/28/06
Size:14.33 KB
Author:Kyle Guthrie [Skunk]

Legacy Clock
A demonstration on how to make an in-game clock in Doom Legacy....Date:05/29/06
Size:1.94 KB

Tutorial: Lifts
I made this as a tutorial for those whom want to learn about the floor lifts with texture and special changes. I am making a megawad and it requires this. Same as the previous 3 - Doom in Hexen Format...Date:02/12/17
Size:5.51 KB

Tutorial: Music Change
I just made this as a little tutorial for not only myself, but for others that do not know how to do music changes. I have forgotten this after I learned it but relearned it a month later for Hell's Train Station. This is for those kinds of people ...Date:02/03/17
Size:4.77 KB

WADTUTOR, an interesting Construction Tutor WADfile, for DOOM ][
A file that contains some little levels to show a beginner the form of creating levels for DOOM. You will see and learn how to create rooms, doors, stairs, elevators, transporters, windows, and more... just try it!...Date:10/26/99
Size:46.17 KB
Author:Javier Fernando Almenara Otoya

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