Title: WAD Concatenater v0.6
Filename: utils/level_edit/waded/wadcat06.zip
Size: 34.88 KB
Date: 02/07/95
Author: Matthew Ayres
Description: Merge WADs with this small little utility. Ever create a bunch of maps and wish you could save them all in one .WAD file? Also capable of renumbering episodes and maps. Version 0.6 works with Doom 1, Doom 2, and Heretic WADs.

Since WADED had no ability to save multiple maps in a WAD, I created this little utility (in about 1 hour). My original intention was to support this concept in WADED, however I knew it would be easier to create a small utility like this much faster. People have been asking for this feature for some time now. I'm not even sure now if I'll include this feature in WADED, since it's probably easier just to use this utility.
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