Title: Wads_Up - A Doom Level Editor
Filename: utils/level_edit/wadsup11.zip
Size: 41.33 KB
Date: 05/12/94
Author: G. Whitehead
Description: Why Wads_Up?
Simple to use. You shouldn't need to know all the intricacies of the WAD file to use it.
Very quick at building up the basic structure of your level. You want to build a 12 walled room? Just type in 12, click on the map in two places and you have a 12 walled room. Move the corners of the room to desired position with the mouse. Want a corridor off this room? Create a 4 walled room. Merge one of the walls with one of the walls of the original room. Move the rest of the corridor to the desired position. It's done. Everything is defaulted and you can run it from there. No fiddling with sidedefs, sectors, linedefs, vertexes. It should all be done by the program. Change heights, textures, light levels, etc.
Runs under Windows. Allows you to multi-task with DOOM itself, editing and playing levels without all the tedious booting up of DOOM. On v1.2 this only works if you don't a) Add/Delete Objects or monsters, and b) change the structure of the rooms. In v1.3 of DOOM, ID are catering for this functionality so you should be able to do this fully.
Doesn't touch your DOOM.WAD file. (Unless you tell it to!)
Can reference Multi-Wads for GFX, levels, etc.
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