Title: Command Line Assistant 1.0 alpha
Filename: utils/misc/cla10a.zip
Size: 67.09 KB
Date: 11/09/95
Author: Avery Andrews
Description: The purpose of this program is to help in using programs that take long command-lines, such as Olivier Montanuy's DeuTex. The idea is that you type something short and snappy, like:

cla -make

and CLA consults a data file and executes a command such as:

deutex -doom ..\ -overwrite -make wadinfo.txt ..\mycool.wad

The format of these data files is discussed in the help file (cla.hlp), and illustrated in two example files, `defaults.cla' and `coolwad.cla'.
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What the hell. I live in Canberra, Avery Andrews still teaches at ANU - a close friend I play Doom with is his student - what a strange, STRANGE coincedence...x

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