Filename: utils/misc/dcc301.zip
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Date: 10/11/98
Author: Rand Phares
Description: Many wad editors provide consistency checking, but they provide it to different degrees. My purpose in writing DCC is to provide a single program that can tell you as much as possible about the basic and "fit-and-finish" problems that can (and will) plague map design. It was originally designed for use by TeamTNT on the Bloodlands and Grievance projects, and was used on Final Doom just before publication.

DCC cares Absolutely Nothing about playability or design choices. It simply looks for problems that may cause DOOM2 to abort, or for problems that just Look Bad.

DCC _will not_ alter your *.wad file. It writes its output to the screen, unless you redirect it. You can provide options to have DCC correct certain problems for you, and DCC will create a NEW *.wad file with the corrections.

DCC only handles DOOM2 and BOOM wads. It doesn't deal with DOOM, Heretic, or Hexen wads. There are no plans to make it do so.
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