Filename: utils/misc/dmcheats.zip
Size: 4.28 KB
Date: 02/02/95
Author: Nathan Vack
Description: Replaces the COLORMAP and PLAYPAL entries (Which, thanks to id, you CAN load in a pwad) so that (with colormap) you have permanent light-amp and (with playpal) the screen doesn't turn that obnoxious nasty red color when you get kissed by a rocket. The screen DOES still, however, turn slightly red so you can tell when you're being hit. Berzerk only has one level of redness now, though the rad suits and invulnerability palate are unchanged. Just patch these in with -file when you deathmatch, and you can see _so_ much better!
Credits: Matt Fell, for writing the un-official DOOM specs And of course, id, but that goes without saying...
Base: PLAYPAL and COLORMAP entries in doom's iwad
Build time: ??? 2 hours ???
Editor(s) used: Norton's Diskedit
Bugs: Try it with Heretic -- it works, but looks SUPER funky
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