Title: Doom Color Changer (DOOMCC3)
Filename: utils/misc/doomcc3.zip
Size: 131.79 KB
Date: 09/02/95
Author: Douglas L. Leininger
Description: This program modifies the DOOM.WAD (or DOOM2.WAD) files' player pictures. This allows a you to change the way other players are viewed in a multi-player game. If you are playing a cooperative game, you can make the players white so they stand out and you can avoid hitting them by accident. Or, you can make the players dark colors so that a deathmatch game can be more difficult. This program will work with all known versions of DOOM and DOOM2 though version 1.7a of DOOM2 as it searches for the bitmap PLAYA1 within the WAD file to determine where to modify the player data.
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