Title: Doom and Alien icons, and a Windows PIF file for running Doom 1.2
Filename: utils/misc/doomicon.zip
Size: 5.16 KB
Date: 08/21/94
Author: Ian Jefferies
Description: Provided in this ZIP archive is the PIF file I use for running Doom under Windows. I have found that, for my system, running unders Windows cures the PS/2 mouse freaking experienced with this version. No promises for anyone else, but you may want to give it a go :)

Having a little spare time I recently created some icons for fronting either normal Doom or the Aliens variant. They are compiled into a DLL for convenience. The normal Doom icon is a 16 colour version of the game title page. For this reason you may have to squint a little to recognise it :) There are several Alien icons, variations on 2 or three themes.

These icons have been compiled into a DLL using Borland 4.0 and Resource Workshop.

If pressed I will add to this archive if people send me icons they create for any WADS. You can create a program item with arguments for loading your wads (refer to your Windows manual), thus using Windows as a cheap(!) wad manager :)
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