Title: DemoTool 1.2d
Filename: utils/misc/dtool12d.zip
Size: 9.52 KB
Date: 07/11/95
Author: Scott Long
Description: DemoTool is just what it's name says: a tool for demos. Currently, DemoTool can read a demo from any Doom or Doom 2 version at or above v1.4 (the demo format header changed significantly at version 1.4). It will display the version the demo was recorded with, the skill level, the episode and mission (strangely, there is an episode number for Doom 2 demos, but it's always 1!), the mode (be it single player, co-op, original deathmatch, or deathmatch 2.0), whether monsters respawn, whether the -fast switch was used, whether the -nomonsters switch was used, which player recorded the demo (for multiplayer demos), and which players are present. As of yet there is no providance for altering any of this information, but look for such in version 2.0 (to be released very soon.)
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Borland Turbo C++ ver. 3.1 for DOS
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