Title: ICE V1.21
Filename: utils/misc/ice121.zip
Size: 13.45 KB
Date: 03/30/95
Author: Aragorn!
Description: Ice is a file splicer for storing storing self extracting PKzip's,ARJs, LHARCs etc. It creates files which are compatible for use with id's DE-ICE. The main reason for writing it was to store sets of PWADS etc. in a nice easy format for installing as well as backing up Doom as it was updated (final version is 1.9 now) rather than having disks of update patches everywhere.
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Bugs: Interesting One this... On my machine it takes four minutes to create a 1.4Mb file whereas on my mates machine it takes 14secs. Don't know why. Maybe converting file access to Assembly might fix it... Apparently memory managers do have something to do with it, but again, this varies from machine to machine. Qemm causes a big slow down on another mates machine. If in trouble, try using just Himem or EMM386 instead.....
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