Title: Multiple linedefs in vanilla Doom
Filename: utils/misc/neat.zip
Size: 4.41 KB
Date: 08/06/03
Author: Owen "SargeBaldy" Lloyd
Description: A demonstration wad showing how to make multiple-line switches in vanilla Doom. This can be used to make very powerful effects without the need for port features, although it does feature the minor side effect of dealing one point of damage (which can be countered by an inclusion of a health potion in the dummy sector but if this is done the side effect is more noticeable). The effect works by crushing a barrel when a trigger is switched (this could be done with either a switch or a walkover plate). The explosion knocks a voodoo doll into some walkover plates, thus causing multiple effects. This can also be used to do many other things never before seen in vanilla, including: --switch teleporters --a switch that gives the player as many items as you wish --by having a monster telefrag the barrel instead of having it get crushed,you can make teleporters not work until a switch has been activated to 'power' it --by this same technique, an exit that requires three switches --also by this technique, shootable exits, lifts, and even teleporters --again by that technique, you can make switches with a delay (by making the teleporter in the monster sector lower from whatever height you wish) --by replacing the voodoo doll with a monster, it could be used as an ultra fast monster beam-in without any need for it to be activated beforehand --by making the voodoo doll teleport onto another voodoo doll, you can make an instant-death switch (looks like I one-upped you, Nick Baker =P).

There's no end to the number of ways this demonstration could be used. I hope you can think of some more creative than I :) Note that by using this you waive Doom Legacy support (as the current version doesn't allow voodoo dolls).
Credits: Espi, for minimizing the amount of damage the barrel deals and for doing some testing on various ports.

Nanami: for inspiring me to make this by talking about her own attempts to make a multi-switch for vanilla. Matt Tagliaferri: for DoomCAD, even though I didn't use it on this map =P
Base: New from scratch
Build time: A couple hours
Editor(s) used: DeepSEA (I hate it but it's fast...), Zennode
Bugs: The effect deals one damage (I'm about 95% certain there's no way to avoid this, but I certainly won't be disappointed if someone manages it).
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This is great and it works in Eternity. :)x
I am amazed this wasn't thought of earlier. x
Great, but too bad it doesn't work in zdoom :(.x
This is amazing. The only reason I would ever not reccommend this is because for some reason the effect doesn't work in ZDoom. I don't know why people haven't seen this before, because it's only 2 years old.x
useful idea :)x

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